We Work, You Achieve

Cranganore has designed a tailored, cost-effective service for founders and entrepreneurs. We channel our capabilities to provide venture-strengthening advice in exchange for a modest consulting fee. This starter project will help us to determine the impact that your company may have among angel and venture-capital investors. We can point you in a better direction.

► What

Raising capital should be a full-time job for startup leadership. But that is usually a fantastical idea, given demands on your time. We provide a limited scale version of the consulting services we offer more established companies. Our goal is to get you started—or realigned—in your efforts to fund your enterprise.

► End Result

Our approach helps you to launch your transaction competitively in the global market for venture capital. We have found over the years that too many entrepreneurs are unable to achieve their funding targets because their focus is on established capital-raising networks. In working with you, our goal is to help prepare you to access unconventional opportunities, such as family offices in Asia or sovereign wealth funds in Africa. This narrow project arrangement, however, does not include concerted investor-introduction activity on your behalf.

► Who

Cranganore is led by Douglas Johnson, an established Wall Street entrepreneur. His initial experience with venture capital was in 2002, when he secured funding for his own financial-services enterprise. Over the years, he has engaged institutional and high-net-worth investors worldwide in assisting them to identify the most appropriate direct investments for their allocation requirements.

► Deliverables

We charge an all-in-one fee for three deliverables: (1) a written review of your investor material, (2) a one-hour video conference in which we can jointly explore ways to better position your ideas for investor consideration, and (3) a capital-raising plan with near-term action steps. We provide a blueprint so you can transform your business by finding like-minded backers quickly.

► Project Fee

This approach is designed to introduce you to our firm-wide capabilities. Our fee for the arrangement is a flat rate of $1,500. There are no hidden charges. The invoice can be paid in installments: one-quarter when the engagement is booked, one-quarter prior to the video conference, and the balance on receipt of the capital-raising plan. In the spirit of risk-sharing, we ask that you to commit to us in the same way as we commit to you.

► Introduction

We welcome questions about this service, as well as our other capabilities. Reach out to us through the contact form on our main site. We can set-up a phone discussion to be fully responsive to your unique requirements; we are comfortable with non-traditional hours. If you are based in Florida, we can accommodate an introductory one-on-one meeting.

Arrange a conversation at cranganore.com.

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