China Remaps Food Security

Food security is a national preoccupation in China. Between 1959-61, the Great Famine led to an indeterminate 20-to-43 million premature deaths. President Xi was six years old at the onset of the disaster. ChemChina’s $43 billion takeover of Switzerland-based Syngenta is the current expression of that  More ►


Reusable Rockets Economize Space Commerce

The hustle-and-bustle of Cape Canaveral came to a sudden halt this week. Engineers and technicians stood silent as SpaceX launched an orbital rocket for the second time. That feat had been elusive; the milestone is a huge leap for space commerce. Over the past five years, SpaceX may have spent as much  More ►

P2P Lenders Become Pawnbrokers

Collateralized internet-based lending may be the next wave of peer-to-peer platform growth. From a business perspective, the approach is a ready answer to managing loan defaults among the riskiest borrowers. That issue matters dearly in an industry that is dependent on external capital to drive loan  More ►

Hotel Tech Hits Privacy Wall

Companies embrace technology because it helps them to cut costs. But there may be limits to hoteliers’ ability to integrate artificial intelligence into their product mix. Realigning room-service overhead by using bots to process breakfast orders is straightforward, but tapping into multiple data sources  More ►