Startup Scene in Vietnam Turns Chaotic

The entire country of Vietnam is fast-transforming itself into the Silicon Valley of Southeast Asia. One reason is rapid economic growth; another is the youthful population. Those fundamentals are coalescing into venture anarchy as the volume of startups overwhelms the ability of the domestic ecosystem  More ►


Kenyan Stock-Market Rout Points to Startup Scene

Nairobi-traded equities trail in the global league table. Over the past year alone, the stock market is down more than 13% in US dollar terms. Some names are tempted to buy ravaged assets. Yet the opportunity cost may be too great to act on those instincts, at least for public-market investors.  More ►

Groceries Spoiled on Delivery

An e-commerce app and 1.3 billion people would seem like an easy win for investors. Yet venture capitalists targeting India had to rethink their assumptions this week after startup darling PepperTap announced that it is shutting down its grocery delivery business. The firm imploded due to over  More ►