China Remaps Food Security

Food security is a national preoccupation in China. Between 1959-61, the Great Famine led to an indeterminate 20-to-43 million premature deaths. President Xi was six years old at the onset of the disaster. ChemChina’s $43 billion takeover of Switzerland-based Syngenta is the current expression of that  More ►


AgTech Frenzy Dissipates

Funding for agriculture-technology deals collapsed by 30% in 2016, according to industry platform AgFunder. Venture capitalists committed some $3.2 billion to the sector last year, representing a material decline from the record-breaking $4.6 billion seen in 2015. Blame the over-hyped drone business.  More ►

Cowboys Yield to Robots

Fiction writers may romanticize a career on horseback, but that does not seem to be prodding people to be cattlemen. The shortage is particularly acute in Australia, where one trade organization estimates that the average cattleman is 52 years old. But a scientist there may have solved this  More ►