Romania Adopts Its First Unicorn

UiPath may not be a household name, but the company is on a torrid growth trajectory. Over the past four months, the firm claims that it has doubled its workforce to about 600 employees across 14 countries to support its software-bot business. With the additional $153 million it just raised from venture  More ►


Snapchat Raises Bigger Issues in Silicon Valley

If tech companies need a narrative, Snapchat has one. The disappearing-message app will be the future of social media. Maybe. Investors are wary of a company that is not profitable and appears to be losing users. NYSE-traded SNAP closed on March 20 some 26% below its IPO bounce at the start of the month.  More ►

US Equities Pose Global Risk

Ask three portfolio managers about valuation levels in the American stock market and you will get three different, albeit equally earnest, answers. One reason is that every professional investor has a preferred indicator. Some focus on price-to-cash-flow ratios, others use yield-gap measures. There  More ►

Dubai Parades Another Unicorn

Ride-sharing app Careem follows Souq to become the second Middle East startup this year to be valued at $1 billion. The milestone was reached with Saudi Telecom investing $100 million for a 10% stake. Given Careem’s strong franchise in the Middle East, the backdrop is more interesting than the news  More ►

FinTech Asserts Unique Valuation Standards

Venture capitalists are disillusioned by the stock performance of those fintech companies, including Square and Enova, that now trade in the secondary market. Yet “unfair” is not an adjective that should be casually be ascribed to public-sector reckoning. In this case, revisionists adopt the view  More ►

Is Yahoo Now Worthless?

Of course not, at least in a strict sense. But the strategy unit at Verizon is certainly revisiting its $4.8 billion bid for core Yahoo assets in the wake of this week’s hack announcement. The data theft is the largest known incident from a single internet site. To be fair, such breaches are  More ►