Be a Minimalist

When it comes to raising capital, “less is more” during an introductory meeting, at least in our experience. Be wary of overwhelming a potential investor with a hoard of details about your work. Those carefully-crafted, data-heavy tables may be better suited for another meeting or a due diligence document.  More ►


Find That Elusive Anchor Investor

Securing a pledge from the first investor is the highest hurdle, in part because founders are often upended by rejection. Yet there are a few points on which you can focus to find that elusive anchor investor. One choice is to ensure that you have identified the right sort of candidates. Looking to  More ►

Beware the Pitching Competition

A pitching competition may sound like a reasonable way to get in front of investors, but entrepreneurs may want to set their expectations differently. Finding capital is rarely a statistical game in which larger audiences increase the odds of a successful funding round. The best take-away is added  More ►

Sacrifice Is a Poor Mantra

Entrepreneurs can overuse the word “sacrifice.” It is often rolled out, with a touch of emotion, when asked, “Why should we invest in your company?” The choice is a poor one. Sacrifice has a religious or even military etymology, not commercial one. The word may also be a step or two removed from  More ►