Let’s Do Crypto. Or Blockchain. Or Both.

Kodak declared this week that it was getting into the cryptocurrency and blockchain business. The announcement was thin on details and big on splash, suggesting that the investor relations staff was far ahead of the corporate strategy team. The move is a daring one for the Rochester, New York-based company.  More ►


P2P Lenders Become Pawnbrokers

Collateralized internet-based lending may be the next wave of peer-to-peer platform growth. From a business perspective, the approach is a ready answer to managing loan defaults among the riskiest borrowers. That issue matters dearly in an industry that is dependent on external capital to drive loan  More ►

FinTech Breaks on Uncharted Reef

NYSE-traded Western Union may not fit the mold as an archetypical fintech company, but its stock has benefitted from investor enthusiasm for fintech stories. In 2016, WU gained more than 30% as investors looked for publicly-traded opportunities to surf the venture wave. Corporate executives amplified  More ►

Bitcoin Awakes From Slumber

Bitcoin advanced impressively over the holiday period. The cryptocurrency has gained almost 35% over the past two weeks, according to data from industry specialist CoinDesk. We are cautious about over-interpreting trends in this speculative asset. The total value of the Bitcoin market may now be  More ►

Is Bitcoin a FinTech Dodo?

Bitcoin was supposed to upend the banking industry. Venture capitalists poured some $850-to-$900 million into Bitcoin-related startups in 2015; the figure is set to be less than half that amount in 2016. Yet there is not much to show for that billion-dollar outlay. What happened? A large swath of fintech  More ►

FinTech Moves Beyond Consumer

Can startups based in middleweight fintech entrepots, like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, compete successfully for global capital? Probably. But not in the way you might think. Cross-border investors have grown weary of me-too fintech enterprises operating within the constraints of a limited hinterland.  More ►