Houston Mega-Project Spotlights Local Incubator

Rice University affirmed plans for its Midtown Houston property last month. The parcel—historically leased to a Sears store—will be converted into a so-called “innovation hub,” anchoring a technology district. While the future is bright for regional entrepreneurs, the masterplan for this corner  More ►


Romania Adopts Its First Unicorn

UiPath may not be a household name, but the company is on a torrid growth trajectory. Over the past four months, the firm claims that it has doubled its workforce to about 600 employees across 14 countries to support its software-bot business. With the additional $153 million it just raised from venture  More ►

How Do I Handle My Biggest Investor?

Entrepreneurs may cast their venture capitalists in the wrong light. Some aim to avoid them altogether for fear of a difficult conversation. Others view them as their new best friends. Neither extreme is right, neither extreme is wrong. For startup CEOs, here are some tips on how to shape a relationship  More ►

Robots Streamline Air Travel

Airlines are getting serious about robots. Think ticketing kiosks on wheels, turbocharged with Siri. Air New Zealand just finished a test that involved using a robot to check-in passengers. The flag carrier is not the first to use robots to revamp customer service.There have been similar experiments  More ►