Digital Nomads Need More Than a Backpack

Startup executives usually start their journey in the pursuit of personal and professional freedom. Yet running a company soon derails that goal. The Suitcase Entrepreneur may help you to get back on track. The third edition is full of fresh ideas about online services that will help you streamline your business process.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur (Affiliate Link)
Create Freedom in Business and Adventure in Life
Natalie Sisson

Running a business is hard work; it is even harder work from afar. That point gets lost amid the lure of exotic destinations. Internet connectivity can be random, hotel reservations disappear, and health concerns linger. Fortunately, a few wise authors put this lifestyle into perspective. Natalie Sisson should be required reading before upending your nest. She exhorts and inspires, while her words of encouragement have a touchpoint with pragmatism.

This book falls somewhere between an inspirational text and startup toolkit. Invest the time to explore this celebration of entrepreneurship. If for no other reason, it will remind you why you are—or should become—an entrepreneur: professional freedom. The author is duly candid about her commercial choices, so much so that you can glean that her wisdom was earned through frustration, if not failure. That transparency may help some to accelerate the move toward a freedom-based business. For others, it offers a tough message on the amount of work required to run a company, especially a firm with international dimensions. The nuts-and-bolt advice is what makes this book a gem, in part because it spotlights how critical is it to simplify and outsource, while keeping costs under control. The Suitcase Entrepreneur is a welcome reminder of how to do things right—before going to the airport.

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