Romania Adopts Its First Unicorn

UiPath may not be a household name, but the company is on a torrid growth trajectory. Over the past four months, the firm claims that it has doubled its workforce to about 600 employees across 14 countries to support its software-bot business. With the additional $153 million it just raised from venture  More ►

How Do I Handle My Biggest Investor?

Entrepreneurs may cast their venture capitalists in the wrong light. Some aim to avoid them altogether for fear of a difficult conversation. Others view them as their new best friends. Neither extreme is right, neither extreme is wrong. For startup CEOs, here are some tips on how to shape a relationship  More ►

Library: The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Startup executives usually start their journey in the pursuit of personal and professional freedom. Yet running a company soon derails that goal. The Suitcase Entrepreneur may help you to get back on track. The third edition is full of fresh ideas about online services that will help you streamline your business process.  More ►

Robots Streamline Air Travel

Airlines are getting serious about robots. Think ticketing kiosks on wheels, turbocharged with Siri. Air New Zealand just finished a test that involved using a robot to check-in passengers. The flag carrier is not the first to use robots to revamp customer service.There have been similar experiments  More ►

China Remaps Food Security

Food security is a national preoccupation in China. Between 1959-61, the Great Famine led to an indeterminate 20-to-43 million premature deaths. President Xi was six years old at the onset of the disaster. ChemChina’s $43 billion takeover of Switzerland-based Syngenta is the current expression of that  More ►